Sundays @ 9:30am, 11am
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groupOur Mission:

The Sycamore Church is a simple community of Christ-followers in Savannah, Georgia that is patterned after the model of the two-winged church mentioned in Acts 20:20. This model applies Pauls practice of teaching:

"...and have taught you publicly, and from house to house,"

The way we do this is by meeting in LifeGroups that meet in homes during the week and then gathering on Sunday for public worship.

It is our desire to be accessible to people who are searching spiritually as well as those who wish to share their lives and their faith in Jesus with other people.

Our Values:

What makes us who we are? We believe that God has truly made The Sycamore Church unique. As we considered what our distinctives as a church were, we came up with eight phrases that capture the convictions that define us in language that we all can understand.