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youth ministry

"...and have taught you publicly, and from house to house,"
(Acts 20:20)

    We have small groups because the Bible teaches about small groups.
We have witnessed the power of God through these groups.

    Note the two important phrases from the Bible verse above:


This word refers to the large group meeting on Sunday called the celebration. When most people think of the church, this is what they think of. This large group meeting is part of what the church is. It is the church.

House to House
This phrase refers to the small group meeting we call a Life Group. This group may meet on Sunday or some other day. This is the part of the church that is often neglected. This is the other very important part of the church. In some places in the world right now, this is the only expression of the church. The Life Group is the church in microcosm. It is a safe place where members of the group commit to living out their lives with one another in an environment of love and accountability.

A Quick Overview
Let’s look at some of the benefits of the small group or Life Group for you:

 • You can experience the presence of Jesus. This is worship in a small group. This is worship which tends to be more intimate and personal.

• You can be disciple by others and help others be disciple. So, everyone is both a disciple and a disciple. We learn from each other as we discover God's call and plans for our lives.

• You can experience true Biblical community. This is a spirit of oneness. It is having a place to belong. It is being part of Christ Himself and being part of one another. It is experiencing intimacy with Christ and with each other.

• You can experience the giving and receiving of ministry. All people who are believers are ministers. That means we all have a ministry. That means that God has gifted us in some way to be His minister.

Here is a list of Life Groups throughout The Sycamore Church. If you would like to attend, just contact the Life Group Leader for directions.

Life Group Leaders
High School
6:00 PM
Call for location
Ric & Regina Smith
6:45 PM
Pooler Area
Joe and Pat Moore
1:00 PM
Georgetown Area
Jay & Julie Paskauskas
7:00 PM
Georgetown Area
Dusty Reynolds
7:00 PM
Hwy 17 and Berwick Area
Dane and Cathy Moore
7:00 PM
Georgetown Area
Terry and Pam Stovall
6:30 PM
Richmond Hill Area