Sundays @ 9:30am, 11am
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Venturing out to visit a church that is new to you can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you are checking out church for the first time
(or if we just seem new to you). When you come to worship with us at
The Sycamore Church, here are some things that you can expect. We really donít want you to feel unprepared. So here is what you will findÖ

Worship Guitar Playing
Casual dress
In Savannah, casual dress can change with the temperature. Honestly, we have people come in the door in shorts and sandals, slacks and button-downs, jeans and t-shirts. Everybody gets welcomed.

Real worship not performance

We have very gifted worship leaders. In any given service you will hear acoustic guitars, electric bass, keyboard, trumpets, penny whistle, and of course drums. They are excellent musicians, but the focus is not on them. It is on their hearts being offered to God. Our singers are not performing. They are more concerned with worshipping God themselves and leading others to worship. The most important characteristics in worship for us are authenticity and humility.

Contemporary praise and worship
We sing songs of the heart for God. The tempo of our music represents the joy we have in knowing God while using the instruments common to our culture. It is very important to us that everyone experiences a feeling of being drawn into Godís presence.

Songs projected on a screen
We find it easier to use a screen with the words projected on it than books. By using the projector and screen we can introduce new songs without having to purchase new books. By the way, the screen also comes in handy when we use video clips during our teaching time as well as providing a PowerPoint of the message outline.

Snacks, coffee, and soft drinks
One of the delicious opportunities available each Sunday morning is the time that we share over coffee, muffins, doughnut holes, and sincere conversation with people who really care. Snacks are usually available by 9:00 a.m.

Caring, competent, and Biblical childrenís workers
Our Kidzone and Childrenís Area is filled with people who love children and have lots of experience with them. We have areas for infants through children aged 4 in the Fellowship Hall building. The Kidzone group meets with the adults for the music portion of the worship service, then they move to their area in the main building.

Bible based teaching for practical application
Our responsibility is to teach what God has said and present it so that application is clear. It is our conviction that biblical teaching by its definition is God speaking through the speaker. People who worship God by hearing the word will do what they hear (or they havenít really been listening at all).

Two unique services with different dynamics
Every Sunday we have two services, one at 9:30 a.m. and one at 11:00 a.m. Both services have a musical component that is unique to the service. The 9:30 a.m. service is more interactive. Often, scripture is read and discussed. Videos are used to make points or as introductions. The 11:00 a.m. service is less casual in its format and follows a format of praise and worship followed by a message.

A time of prayer and ministry at the conclusion of the service
Most churches have a traditional ďaltar callĒ at the end of a worship service. It has traditionally been a time when the pastor/leader calls for a commitment to follow Jesus. Some congregations use this time to invite people to join the church. In our worship service, there are several ways to respond. The first is the communication card you receive with the bulletin as you enter. Any prayer requests that you desire for the pastors to partner with you about can be written. Requests to talk to the pastor or decisions you might like to share about steps in your life with Jesus can also be shared on the card. The end of our worship service usually includes a time of prayer and ministry. Leaders from the church and the pastors are available for people to pray with. It is a time for spiritual needs to be met and for obstacles between you and God to be removed. Since we do not use offering plates or set aside a time for an offering, most people will bring their offering to one of the baskets in the front of the sanctuary during the ministry time; however, there is also a basket at the rear of the room beside door.