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Link to our main site links. Here are some great external sources to help:
Complete genealogies and references of all Biblical names.

Bible Geocoding

The location of every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible.

Complete Bible cities via satellite
*Must have Google Earth installed

Biblical bodies of water via satellite   
*Must have Google Earth installed

Reading Schedules
Bible Gateway Reading Plans - A great place to keep you in the Word including"read through the Bible" schedules

Bible Search Sites - Online Bible tools from premium Bible software in a format that is easily accessible and free to all - Excellent Bible search site

Audio Messages and Podcasts - Great place to hear the Good News

Christian News Around the World - The Voice of the Martyrs homesite sharing the news about today's persecuted church - Ministry site to aid the church

Online Bible and Study Tools


Blue Letter Bible
- Search tools made available by Blue Letter Bible

Phrase Search / Concordance
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God of my salvation, or believ* ever*)

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