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Nigerian Mission Trip 2014 Photos

Nigeria The team is back and God moved in a mighty way.
Take a look at some of the teams photos.

Latest Pictures
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   Owerri, Nigeria Blog

Listen to the great testimonies
of how God moved while in Nigeria.

Testimony Messages

Nigerian Mission Trip 2011 Photos

Nigeria Thank you all, for your many prayers over these last days. Your prayers were heard and answered, and the team has arrived home safely with many stories to tell.

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Haitian Mission Trip 2010 Photos


Hands and Feet of Christ in Haiti

    From earthquakes to floods to the to the most recent cholera outbreak, the Haitian people need us even more to be the hands and feet of Christ. Your latest gifts went to help purchase some of the basic needs. Please prayerfully consider giving now help bring relief in this dire time.

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Nigerian Mission Trip 2009 Photos

Nigeria2009 Here is a sample of some of the great events that took place on the trip.

Some singing at the clinic     The last local village on the trip    

Singers from the local school     Prayer of salvation

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King's Visit 2009

Nigerian Kings Visit   King's gift   King's Welcome

Micro Business Ministry

International Medical Support Services

Vision: ''IMSS? will promote a model healthcare system through continuous education with the goal of providing extraordinary care in all dimensions of the medical sectors. We are committed to promoting the best clinical care in a consistent, integrated way to improve and deliver world-class healthcare services through innovation and evidence-based practice. We will strive to provide centered care that is outcome focused and competency based to disadvantage and undeserved communities.''

Micro Business Ministry

Listen to the Micro Business Messages

Gary Clark is the owner of Automotive Answers, Inc., a Georgia based consulting and inventory company for automobile dealerships. Over the last four years, he has taken his entrepreneurial knowledge to help start micro-businesses in Ghana, West Africa. Working throughout that country, his goal is to help people become self-sustaining and no longer dependent on contributions from America to keep their ministry, schools and literacy projects operational.  
Gary Clark