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Local Clinics

Horizon International Medical Mission (HIMM) has partnered with The Sycamore Church to provide free
medical services to needy of McRea, Georgia.
McRae Mission Trip
  McRae Gearogia Medical Mission Trip Pictures Video Clip        Horizon International Medical Mission

Savannah Care Center

Savannah Care Center

Savannah Care Center is a faith-based organization committed to offering support to teens and women in unplanned pregnancies.
We were founded in 1986 for the purpose of offering and providing alternatives to abortion to women in greater Savannah.

Post-abortion counseling and abstinence counseling is also available for both men and women
  For further information,
please contact us at
or call our office at
(912) 236-0916

Tuesday - Thursday
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Closed for lunch
between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.

Closed Mondays and 2nd Saturdays

Call today to make an appointment
(912) 236-0916
All services are free and confidential,
provided by a caring staff


Baseball Camp

Each year we hold our annual baseball camp

"...Jesus said ' Let all the children come to me'" (Matthew 23:23)

Baseball Camp

Our mission is The Great Commission that the disciple Matthew spoke about in Matthew 28:19. "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Holy Spirit." In May of 2003, the first Sycamore at The Stadium was held at the softball complex at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Geared towards children of military families, it was our first glimpse of the things God would provide for our ministry and children in and around Savannah, Georgia. 45 children aged 8-12 learned the finer points of the game of baseball and thanks to corporate sponsors also walked away with free bibles.

In November of 2003 we held our second camp. This time 68 children attended and it was time to look for a bigger home!

A year later, we crossed the lines at historical Grayson Stadium, home of the Savannah Sand Gnats, where baseball greats such as Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Mickey Mantle once played.

In 2007, due to renovations at Grayson, we were blessed to be able to use one of the finest baseball fields in Chatham County...the field at the Bethesda Home for Boys. In 2008, we again crossed the chalked lines at Bethesda. We were back at Grayson since 2009.

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Just a few things about Summer Camp!
But don't take our word, read what the campers have to say about it.

"A good place to be."
"To me Camp means everything."
"This Camp means to praise God and have fun with it."
"I loved Camp so much – it meant a lot to me."
"Worshipping God."
"Camp is more than a camp, it’s a family and a life changing experience."
"Camp is a place where I feel like I am surrounded by Christians who really care about me and want me to grow in Christ."
"Camp to me means experiencing God’s love through His dearly loved children."
"Camp means everything."
"Camp means to get wet, talent shows, all my favorite foods, to pray, to laugh all we want, and most importantly to make friends."
"Camp means refreshing my Christianity, reviving my spirit, worshipping God, and thanking Him through lots of prayer."
"Camp is renewing and it’s where I can actually see God and it’s what I want my life to be all the time."
"Camp this year was able to help me realize more of how real He is and my friends.  I was able to get closer to God and others in an amazing way."
"It means I get to be with people I love and have fun as well as getting closer to God than ever.  I also get to worship carefree and it means I am not being judged."
"To me Camp means free ping-pong and making time with God."
"Seeing friends, spending time with God, getting to know Him better."
"Oneness and unity."
"Learning about Christ."
"Camp means a lot to me because you get to learn about God and sing."
"Camp means a reunion with friends and with God."
"Camp is an opportunity to relate with God to the fullest."
"Learning more about God."
"Camp to me means having fun with friends I don’t get to see often and praising the Lord."
"Camp means making new friends and learning about God."
"Camp means escape from the unjust and materialistic world we live in for a time to be surrounded by God’s unfailing love and see it move in His children."
"Camp means a new way to praise, worship and serve God and it shows me how God works through others with His light and power to show that He loves us."
"A time to learn and talk about God and be with other believers."
"A week ago I was anticipating Camp to be a fun period with friends.  It was all that and more.  I took time this week to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord and welcome Him into my heart.  This was the most important time of my life, making the most important decision of my life."
"Camp is probably he best place in the world for me.  It helps me reconnect with God.  I love Camp almost more than anything in the world."
"Camp is a fellowship of friends and family.  Each and every one of us comes to Camp to grow closer to God and receive a relationship with Him."
"Camp is a place where God’s presence inhabits every heart, moving among His people.'
"Camp is a time and place for the fellowship of believers.'
"Camp means getting a better personal relationship with God and sharing it with others."
"Camp is something you look forward to all year."
"5 days of one on one with Jesus."
"A gathering of people expressing their thoughts about what they feel."
"Hanging out with fellow Christians and getting more hungry for God’s love."
"Camp is having a new experience and seeing God through new techniques and insights."
"Camp to me means family."
"Camp is everyone coming together to spend time with each other."
"Camp is being serious about devotional time."
"Camp means to learn more about God is a fun way."
"To have fun and thank the Lord."
"It means a lot to me because I get to see friends I don’t see a lot and I also learn more about God."
"I like Camp because I can pray."
"Camp means coming together to learn about God."


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