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2012-01-01, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Don't Waste Your Life
2012-01-08, 930am, Ric Smith, Repentance is a You Turn
2012-01-08, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Verse for 2012-1 Peter:5:6-7
Verse of the Year
2012-01-15, 930am, Ric Smith, To Be Like Jesus
2012-01-15, 11am, Dane Moore, Being Grateful
2012-01-22, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Dirty Little Secret - Attitude
2012-01-29, 930am, Dane Moore, Laodicea -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-01-29, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Real Relationship
2012-02-05, 930am, Dane Moore, Lord is my Shepherd -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-02-05, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Dangerous Faith
2012-02-12, 930am, Dane Moore, Who is God? -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-02-12, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Baptism of Jesus
2012-02-19, 930am, Dane Moore, The Wages of Sin - Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-02-19, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Process
2012-02-26, 930am, Dane Moore, Gethsemane -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-02-26, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Thief and Paradise
2012-03-04, 930am, Dane Moore, The Stone Was Rolled Away -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-03-04, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The God who makes things right
2012-03-11, 930am, Dane Moore, Power to the People -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-03-11, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Whatever It Takes To Worship
2012-03-18, 930am, Dane Moore, Caeserea -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-03-18, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Ask the Second Question
2012-03-25, 930am, Dane Moore, Galilee -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-03-25, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Faith For The Times
2012-04-01, 930am, Dane Moore, God With Us -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-04-01, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Faith For The Times- It's Not About Me
2012-04-04, 630pm, Dusty Reynolds, Passover our Roots
2012-04-08, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Faith For The Times- The Resurrection Life
2012-04-15, 930am, Dane Moore, Kursi and the Demoniac -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-04-15, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Faith For The Times- It's Time To Belong
2012-04-22, 930am, Dane Moore, The Gates of Hell -Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-04-22, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Faith For The Times- Servanthood
2012-04-29, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Faith For The Times- Salt and Light
2012-05-06, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Faith for the Times, Spiritual Gifts
2012-05-13, 930am, Dane Moore, Mesada- Ray Vander Laan Series
2012-05-13, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Survival Kit for Mothers
2012-05-20, 930am, Ric Smith, Winds of Change- Exodus
2012-05-20, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Does God Hear Your Prayers- Jonah
2012-05-27, 930am, Ric Smith, Winds of Change- Gideon
2012-05-27, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Faith for the Times-Boldness
2012-06-03, 930am, Ric Smith, Winds of Change- Mary
2012-06-03, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Making New Memories-Daniel
2012-06-10, 930am, Ric Smith, The Winds of Change- Peter and Cornelius
2012-06-10, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Nature of Sin-Cain and Abel Genesis 4
2012-06-17, 930am, Dane Moore, Living Out The Kingdom of God
2012-06-17, 11am, Ric Smith, Hearts Turned Home
2012-06-24, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Collision of Sin and Grace
2012-07-01, 930am, Dane Moore, Camp Testimonies
2012-07-01, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Sycamore Tree
2012-07-08, 930am, Ric Smith, The Dangers of Drifting
2012-07-08, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, What's Your Story?
2012-07-15, 930am, Dane Moore, The Times We Live In
2012-07-15, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Lord Fights for You
2012-07-22, 930am, Ric Smith, Nothing New Under the Sun
2012-07-22, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Greater Mission
2012-07-29, 930am, Dane Moore, Loving Your Enemies
2012-07-29, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Widow's Oil-Acting in Faith
2012-08-05, 930am, Ric Smith, Overwhelmed
2012-08-05, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Cruelly Possessed
2012-08-12, 11am, Honoring Brother Bob Tice
2012-08-19, 11am, Dane Moore, Squeezing God Into Your Life
2012-08-19, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Baptism
2012-08-26, 930am, Dane Moore, A Little Too Comfortable
2012-08-26, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Solomon- Ask of Me
2012-09-02, 930am, Ric Smith, Lost in Translation
2012-09-02, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Freedom
2012-09-09, 930am, Ric Smith, Faith in the Hard Places
2012-09-09, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Samson
2012-09-16, 930am, Dane Moore, Work in Progress
2012-09-16, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Cyrus God's Annointed
2012-09-23, 930am, Dane Moore, Hurry Up and Wait!
2012-09-23, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, No Longer Condemed
2012-09-30, 930am, Ric Smith, The Church
2012-09-30, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, His Story Redemption
2012-10-07, 11am, Ric Smith, Cause, Call, Community
2012-10-14, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, May I Pray For You?
2012-10-21, 930am, Ric Smith, Second Chances
2012-10-21, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Prayer in the scripture - May I Pray For You?
2012-10-28, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Message - May I Pray For You?
2012-11-04, 930am, Ric Smith, Do Hard Things- Love Your Enemy
2012-11-04, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, A Tenth
2012-11-11, 930am, Ric Smith, Do Hard Things- Self Control
2012-11-11, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Gospel-Good News Obedience
2012-11-18, 930am, Dane Moore, The Lord's Prayer                  Sorry recording glitch in this message
2012-11-18, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, The Gift That Brings The Greatest Gratitude
Sorry recording glitch in this message
2012-11-25, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Peace of God
2012-12-02, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Advent-The Prophets
2012-12-09, 930am, Dane Moore, Don't Be Disappointed
2012-12-09, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Advent-The Angels
2012-12-09, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Advent-The Shepherds
2012-12-23, 930am, Ric Smith, Essentials- Community
2012-12-23, 11am, Gary Strickland, Old Man and the Tree
2012-12-23, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Advent-The Magi
2012-12-30, 11am, Dusty Reynolds, Isaac the Son of Promise